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New Release!  "Always Evolving"

"And Nothing More"

Debut Album "My Money Tree"
New Release - Always Evolving Chalrie Cardinal- 2009 And Nothing More Album Charlie Chardinal - 2008 My Money Tree Album

The newest CD release of Charlie Cardinal’s love of music and his desire to share those songs he has written over the years reflecting on his life changes to bring you an intimate view of his world and of his heart.

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This CD* contains the harmonies and emotion in this music is intended to uplift our hearts and souls, reminding us of the good things possible in life with re-mastered versions of some of Charlie's popular songs, “Back To The Basics” and “I Found A Way”.

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This CD is the very best of a smooth country sound with spirit, heart and emotion. Song styles like Garth Brooks, George Strait and James Taylor. "Money Tree" is destined to be #1 in Country where "I've Died and Gone to Heaven" will touch your heart.

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   I Know You  
I'm Coming Home
  There Was A Time  
Old Friend
  A Perfect World  
  I Found a Way  
  Country Music  
There's Always Going to Be a Tomorrow
  Each Night  
  That it's Good  
What Would Papa think of Me Now
Thank you Momma
  Foolish Man  
  Back to the Basics  
And Nothing More
  What I found In You  
  I've Died and Gone to Heaven  
  You're Everything In Life  
  Money Tree  
The Race Goes On
My Guiding Angel
  Happy Once Again  
  Can I get Back to You  
When The Sky's Are Blue Again
Company Man

*And Nothing More album sun symbolism: The sun has always been a symbol and strength to Charlie.. On a recent trip to Maui he chose to watch a new unforgettable sun rise. As he's not a morning person, he forgot how beautiful the welcoming of a new day could be. The beauty and experience could not be capture by the photograph. It moved Charlie to remember tomorrow always comes and what was yesterday is in the past. Never forget the lessons learned and embrace each new day. Reflect on all your blessings and be true to your selves and what you know deep inside.

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