Charlie Cardinal- Singer, Song Writer, Recording Artist
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Charlie Cardinal- Singer, Song Writer, Recording Artist

Charlie Cardinal has been a performer, singer, songwriter and recording artist since his teen years. Originally from a small town in upstate New York, he is one of three boys born to a WW2 hero and a wonderful country girl who enjoyed playing music for their own sakes. Born with natural rhythm and a keen ear, memory for music and a powerful voice, his love for music and singing began to develop by the time he learned to talk.  Early exposure to country music through gatherings of family and friends encouraged Charlie to learn the guitar by the age of 10, in high school creating his own band playing in local clubs and events.

Charlie was dissatisfied with the songs on the radio which did not express what he was feeling which prompted him to begin writing his own.  As many young men from th 60’s and 70’s, he was drafted in to the Army and served over seas.  Charlie's musical ability was much appreciated by his fellow soldiers to calm them trough the turmoil of time spent in the military. He found that music was a universal language in the many gathering and events he played where ever possible. Through the many types of life experiences he found powerful inspiration which he expresses in his music and songwriting.

Currently, Charlie is sharing the love of his craft at a number of local Convalescent, Rehabilitation Centers and Family homes. He loves to bring smiles to the people for it seems to help them remember good times in their lives. Through the years, Charlie has performed all over the USA and Europe events from local variety shows, places like the Hyatt Casino in Lake Tahoe, to Nashville and a variety show in California. He also has recorded in Nashville with Emerald Records, American Sound Records and in Germany at “The Session Studios” with accompaniment by artists such as DJ Fontana, Cliff Parker, Bobbie Visione, Jim Baker, Duke Dumas, Christian Schumanski and Buzzie Keats. His material has been also been personally presented to both Garth Brooks and Ricky Skaggs for their review.

Charlie is especially grateful for the loving support of his family as well as the dear friends with whom he has enjoyed many years of good times, good parties, good food and musical accompaniment.

  Charlie Cardinal - Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist Charlie Cardinal - Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist Charlie Cardinal - Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist


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