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“Thank You Water” is Charlie's newest song and his inspiration goes something like this: "I met Michiko last year and was introduced to Dr Emoto's study of water crystals. As I have learned more and also found from another source that there was DNA in water in an experiment by another individual the importance of water becomes ever clearer. I was put to task to create this song and would love to share it with all. Please check out Dr Emoto's work."

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“Everybody Counts” is a new song written by Charlie for Javier Figueroa running for Washington Lieutenant Governor in 2016 .

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“Always Evolving” is the newest CD release of Charlie Cardinal’s love of music and his desire to share those songs he has written over the years reflecting on his life changes to bring you an intimate view of his world and of his heart. Since the release of his second CD “Nothing More”, Charlie realized he had so much more to convey that encompassed experiences as a young man, as a father, husband, nature lover and as a human being here on this planet. He believes positive music can make the world a little bit better for us all. The rich harmonies and heartfelt emotion in these songs are intended to uplift our hearts and souls, reminding us that life is a journey and we are always evolving on our path.

Charlie has performed his Country/Spirit songs styles in the United States and Germany and currently performs here in the state of Washington. Highlighted songs; “I Know You”, “There Was A Time” and “A Perfect World” will become some of your favorites and give you a spring to your step and a whistle to your day.

"And Nothing More"  Charlie’s 2009 album, his first release in several years, during which time he had gone through many life changes. “So has our world”, he comments.  Now, with today’s developing technology he has been given the means to faithfully reproduce the music as he hears it in his heart. "Creating this album has been a true labor of love." 

The songs with were created with an intention to remind us both of who we have been and of who and what we can become!  He sings songs of life’s many changes and shares through his music and words the effects on his life of events such as his father’s untimely death and his time in the military. Charlie’s love of music and his desire to share has prompted the creation of this CD*.

Now that this collection is finally a true reflection of his heart's music it is time to release it to the world and to his fans, old and new.

Charlie Cardinal  *And Nothing More album sun symbolism: The sun has always been a symbol and strength to Charlie.. On a recent trip to Maui he chose to watch a new unforgettable sun rise. As he's not a morning person, he forgot how beautiful the welcoming of a new day could be. The beauty and experience could not be capture by the photograph. It moved Charlie to remember tomorrow always comes and what was yesterday is in the past. Never forget the lessons learned and embrace each new day. Reflect on all your blessings and be true to your selves and what you know deep inside.
Charlie Cardinal- 2015 "Always Evolving" AlbumCharlie Cardinal- 2009 "And Nothing More" Album

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"No Body Found" is an Independent film directed by Angela Roloo about young adults who are missing in Orlando. Gone, vanished, just as they embark on their lives with all their hopes and dreams. The latest to disappear is Todd Blackridge, the only son of a wealthy land developer. Is Todd another victim of a sadistic killer who takes pleasure in tormenting his victims? What would you do if your child has gone missing? 

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  I've Died and Gone to Heaven  
  My Guiding Angel  
The Race Goes On
That it's Good

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